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About Rek'D

Rek'D Alternative Therapy is a revolutionary, new therapy that grew from one mom's passion to extend a beneficial, alternative mental wellness opportunity to others.   We wish to provide a safe environment, for all, to release tension through breaking objects and/or getting creative with paint.

 As a society, we focus so much on the body's physical well-being and not  enough on mental well-being.  Here at Rek'D Alternative Therapy, we strive to to emphasize the importance and improvement of mental health. 


We serve individuals, couples, families, groups, and corporates teams.  


                                       We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Rek'D in a nutshell

Do you ever get the urge to just hit something? Realize that smashing things makes the stress of everyday life just melt away? Do you ever scream into pillows, want to fling paint and just grab a hammer and just.....hit something? But of course, you don't, because doing that would be foolish, "Rek-ing" your own home? When you can't let off that steam, your mental well being starts to get away from you, causing you to be cranky, overwhelmed, and exhausted. There is another way.....

What if it wasn't as foolish as you thought? What if letting off that steam, "Rek-ing" things in the process, was EXACTLY what you needed? Here at Rek'D, we strive to provide people with a healthy, fun, and safe environment to help people regain their mental footing, to let off that steam, without all the damage to their own home and household items. 

Let us help you restore your mental balance, and leave you worn out from "Rek-ing" the place, painting the town red (or other colors), and allow you to leave with a smile, because breaking things feels SO good!

Rek'D is the only place of its kind north of weird (Austin). Traveling for a half hour or longer to get to some               "Rek-ing" therapy is no longer a chore! Rage out here, at Rek'D. We would love to have you.

We have packages for all....individuals, couples, youngsters, old-but-young-at-heart, corporate parties, birthday parties, every type of event you can imagine! Come join us here at Rek'D!


Rek'D is always open to contact!