Pink Dust

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You've come to the right place!! If you have a question that isn't listed here, let us know! 

Pink Dust

1. How old do you need to be to participate?

     For our Break Rooms, every participate needs to be 8+ years. Our Paint Rooms are open to all ages. Every participate needs to have a signed waiver on file to enter the rooms.


2. How will breaking things make me feel better? 

    It might not...or you may discover its the best thing for you! Try it out and see what results you have.

3. Can I leave my children in the lobby while I go into the Break Room?

    Our staff is not trained to watch small children, and their safety is a priority to us. If you book a Break Room, please ensure your children are in a safe environment before entering.

4. Can we set things on fire?

    Absolutely not. Although we all love firefighters, we are not set up to have them onsite on a daily basis. We also love our building and neighbors. 

5. Can we bring food and beverages in?

     No food or beverages are allowed in. We do not want contaminates to get into your food or beverages (paint, metal, dust, glass) For this reason, food and beverages are best enjoyed before or after your session. We do provide water in our Cool Down room after your session.

6. Can I bring people that just want to watch?

    Our sessions are generally meant to be private, but should you wish to have people observe, we do have an observation room. All you will need to do is pull back the curtain from the window like the Wizard to reveal your room. 

7. What is the Cool Down Room?

     The Cool Down Room is the room you will go to after your session. Here, we provide a place to relax and meditate on your session before going back out into the real world. In this room, you can hook up your music to the bluetooth speaker, find music that is relaxing to you off....We will provide water, and you can find your sense of bearing again before going back to life. We are the only facility to offer this room! 

8. Do you offer music in the Break and Paint rooms? What kinds do you offer?

     Everyone's taste in music is different, especially when in a Rek'D mood! You can listen to your own through your own headphones, or you can hook your music up to the provided bluetooth speaker, and rage out that way! Either way, the music choice is always yours. 

9. Do you take Walk-Ins?

      The world is a stressful place; after all, that is why you are coming to Rek'd! We highly suggest booking a session to ensure a time convenient to you. However, if you need a quick valve release, come in, we will get you in as scheduling allows.